March 19, 2016

Your Best Choice for Wheelchair Rental in San Diego

Best wheelchair rental company in San Diego

If you’re traveling and want to do some sightseeing without exhausting yourself or putting too much strain on an injured part of your body, wheelchair rental might be just the thing for you. Or, if you’re thinking about purchasing a wheelchair but aren’t sure which model will work best for you, you can try one on by renting it for a week or two. Perhaps you just need some assistance with mobility while you recover from surgery or an injury. This is another good reason for renting a wheelchair.
Whatever your reason for renting a wheelchair, we’re here for you. At PA Healthcare, we pride ourselves on being your best choice for wheelchair rental in San Diego. Want to know why? Here are four great reasons.

Product options

Believe it or not, when it comes to wheelchairs, one size does not fit all. And one product does not fit all, either. At PA Healthcare, we can rent a standard wheelchair, a heavy-duty wheelchair, a portable power scooter, or a portable power chair. We have all products in multiple sizes as well. So when you rent your wheelchair from us, you get exactly what you need.   


Sometimes, when you’re in need of a wheelchair to rent, you’re in the process of some (possibly unexpected) lifestyle changes.  Navigating these changes can be stressful enough even without the added burden of financial stress they can sometimes bring. That’s why at PA Healthcare we provide affordable wheelchair rental and medical equipment and supplies. We offer affordability because you have enough on your mind as it is. We want your wheelchair to help ease your burdens, not add to them.

Flexible rental options

People need wheelchairs for different reasons and different lengths of time, so it makes sense that we’d provide flexible rental options. For example, if you’re visiting San Diego for a short time and don’t want to lug your own wheelchair with you, weekly rental is a great option. Or perhaps, you’re recovering from surgery and know you’ll be off your feet for quite some time. In that case, monthly rental might be a better choice. When you rent a wheelchair through PA Healthcare, our flexible rental options make it easier for us to serve you best.


One thing we know for sure is that when you’re seeking wheelchair rental, it means you need help with mobility.  So of course we offer the option of product delivery! It makes sense, right? Call us with us your wheelchair specifications and your list of medical supplies. With the help of, we’ll deliver your rentals and purchases to anywhere in San Diego or Imperial Counties as late as 11:30pm.

Still unsure where to start?

We understand that not everyone is familiar with wheelchairs or knows exactly what their own needs are. At PA Healthcare in San Diego, our at-home medical supply rental experts have a lot of experience fitting people for wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. They’re more than happy to help you determine which options might best meet your needs.  Give us a call and let us know what we can do for you.

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