April 11, 2016

Benefits of Home Care Vs Nursing Home

in home senior care benefits

Think about your morning routine. Do you stumble straight for the coffee maker as soon as your eyes open? Do you sit at the edge of your bed to stretch for a minute and take in the view out the window? Or do you lace up your shoes and head for a walk around the neighborhood?

Whatever you do, it’s familiar, and it’s the routine of your choosing. You’re an independent adult, and you get to decide how your days play out. Sure, you may feel the need to choose responsibility over whim, but the choice is still yours. Even if you have physical limitations that keep you from doing exactly what you want, you still get to make your choice from among the available options.

Now imagine this:

You wake up confused and disoriented in unfamiliar surroundings, and you don’t get to decide your schedule.  Breakfast happens at a given, unchanging hour, and your day unfolds according to the rules and regulations of an institution.

This might sound like something from a bizarre novel, but that’s the everyday reality of people in nursing homes. Not only must they live according to a schedule that is created by someone else, but because the aging process can affect short-term memory, the unfamiliar surroundings can also cause chronic confusion and disorientation.

Luckily, nursing homes are not the only solution.

In-home care eliminates both the confusion and the loss of independence while still providing assistance for those who need help with daily living.  

There are different types of home care, from hourly or overnight care to around-the-clock care. Home care services include housekeeping and daily living, companionship, dementia care, paraplegic/quadriplegic care, hospice care, and more.

Not only does in-home care offer a range of services, but the benefits are also numerous. Take a look below at some of the advantages of home care versus nursing homes.  

Customized care

Nursing homes are notoriously understaffed. Even the best of them provide only the most basic care needed to keep the patients safe and healthy. But individual attention is in short supply. With in-home care, you or your loved one receives the customized and undivided attention of the caregiver.


One survey showed that 90% of adults would want to live in their own homes as they age. And 82% of them said the same would be true even if they needed assistance with daily living. Nursing homes may provide some conveniences, but they strip residents of the independence of adulthood. Home care allows you or your loved one to maintain it.

The comfort of familiarity 

A familiar bed. A familiar view out the window. These things matter more than we realize. Even when a person becomes accustomed to life in a nursing home, they may never again experience the sense of comfort and familiarity they had at home. If you or your loved one has limited mobility, you can outfit the home with supports and other adjustments that make it easier to continue to live there comfortably.

Mental health

Moving is considered one of the top stressors in life.  The disruption in routine coupled with the unfamiliarity of the surroundings as well as the logistical hassle makes for a high-stress situation.  And for the elderly, that stress is compounded by limited short-term memory, making a complete adjustment less likely. The daily stress that results from the disorientation can lead to depression and even a loss in cognitive functioning.  Aging in place with the help of in-home care eliminates both the stresses of moving and its resultant damages.

We can help support your in-home care

At PA Healthcare in San Diego, we provide the tools that support home health care. Come see us for the rental of your home medical equipment and home mobility products, including wheelchairs, power scooters, hospital beds, walkers, and more. We’ll deliver these or other medical supplies right to your door.

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