May 13, 2016

10 Entertaining Things To Do While Recovering From Surgery

after surgery recovery tips

You always said you’d have a hard time “handling it” if you couldn’t get in your daily run and gym workout. And yet here you are, laid up in bed, non-weight-bearing and recovering from surgery. Bummer.  

The good news is that there are so many entertaining things you can do while you heal, and many of them are things you’ve always wanted to try or wished you had time for. If you think about this downtime as an opportunity rather than dwelling on it as the unfortunate disruption in your plans and your routine, it’ll help the time pass more enjoyably.

Need help thinking of entertaining things to do while you recover from surgery?

Here are 10:

  1. Netflix binge – Use your recovery time to watch Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, House of Cards, and all those other shows you’ve been meaning to watch.
  2. Learn a new skill – Knitting. Drawing. Origami. Speed reading. Whistling Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.  Now’s the time to learn that new skill you’ve always thought might be fun or impressive. Follow up with tip #3.
  3. Start a blog – Create a blog to chronicle your experience learning your new skill. You don’t actually have to publish your posts, but if you do, a blog can be a fun way to “live journal” your thoughts and experiences and share them with friends and family. It can also serve to entertain or inspire others who are recovering from surgery as well.
  4. Try new (doctor-approved) exercises – Just because you’re non-weight bearing doesn’t mean you can’t get some exercise. Ask your doctor for some exercises you can do while you’re recovering. Then do them. 
  5. Learn a new language – Start by picking a new country you think you might like to travel to someday. Then start learning the language.  You can use the Internet or apps on your iPad to practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing.  Then start making a list of sites to visit when you travel.  
  6. Play cards – Invite a friend or two over for a card game.  Your friends will appreciate the opportunity to participate in your recovery, and quality time spent with them will help you pass the time in an enjoyable manner. It’s a win-win!
  7. Get some sunshine – If the weather permits (and if you have the doctor’s permission), use a walker, an iWalk hands-free crutch, or a wheelchair to get outside once a day.  Even if it means just going to the mailbox or sitting on the back patio for a few minutes, that little bit of sunshine and fresh air will help boost your mood.
  8. Send cards – Make a list of people you love and appreciate.  Every day, write and send at least one card acknowledging someone for how much they mean to you. This will boost your mood – and theirs!
  9. Practice meditation – Meditation can become a powerful tool in your recovery and beyond.  Read up on different meditation practices and choose one that sounds like it’ll suit you best.  A little bit of meditation each day can help you relax and maybe even appreciate the opportunity for some downtime.
  10. Play Words With Friends – Download the game to your iPad and start playing. By the time you look up, you’ll wonder where the time went. Recovering from surgery gives you a great excuse to do things that otherwise might be considered a “major time suck.”


We’ll help in any way we can

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