May 19, 2016

Home Medical Equipment in San Diego | Rental and Purchase

Home medical equipment rental in San Diego

If you have a surgery scheduled, you probably have a lot on your mind to get ready for it. We don’t want to give you yet another thing to worry about, but it is very important that your preparation includes putting things in place for after the surgery, when you’re recovering at home. Do you have everything you’ll need to adjust to your limited mobility?

Not sure? We can help.

At PA Healthcare in San Diego, our consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right products for you. We’re here to provide you with the medical equipment that helps you recover in the comfort of your home and live your best life. And once you’ve chosen those products, our consultants help educate you on using them safely.  

We’re dedicated to helping you get back on your feet – even when you can’t be on your feet.  

Don’t worry, you don’t have to commit….for life!

Thinking you could benefit from a hospital bed or wheelchair but don’t want to commit to having it forever? At PA Healthcare, you don’t have to! We offer both short term and long-term rental of our at-home medical equipment.  

So whether you want to rent a hospital bed while you recover from surgery, a wheelchair while you’re on vacation in San Diego, or a power scooter to help you with the groceries while your injured foot heals, we can help.  

On the other hand, if you’re looking to purchase a walker, a rollator, or another mobility device, we can help you with that, too!

In most cases, we offer standard versions of our at-home medical equipment, as well as heavy-duty versions, which can support more weight and have larger seating or sleeping surfaces.

Take a look at some of the following home medical equipment products we carry:


A wheelchair can help you get around without putting weight on an injured foot or ankle, while also allowing you to enjoy the beautiful San Diego sunshine without exhausting yourself. We offer:


Power chairs

Renting a power chair can be a budget-friendly alternative to buying one. It’s a great product for helping you to maintain your independence and stay engaged with your life while also staying safe. We offer:

  • Portable power chairs
  • Portable power scooters

Transport chairs

These lightweight wheelchairs are great for short trips with your caregiver, maybe to the doctor’s office or from the bed to the bathtub.  They’re wonderfully portable and sturdy. We offer:

  • Standard transport chairs
  • Heavy-duty transport chairs


If you’re having difficulty walking but aren’t quite in need of a wheelchair, a walker can help you perform your daily activities and make up for minor weaknesses in strength and balance. We offer:


Think of these rollators as deluxe walkers. They have wheels and brakes, locking mechanisms, and either a padded seat (on which to sit and rest) or a leg pad (on which to rest your leg and keep the weight off of an injured foot or ankle).  We offer:

Hospital beds

If you’re on bed rest, renting a hospital bed can help keep you comfortable by providing you with options for multiple positions for your upper body and your legs. These positions can help you get in and out of bed more easily, as well as lifting your body to take some of the strain out of tasks such as sitting up to eat and get dressed. We offer:


Ask us about the rest of the at-home medical equipment we offer. These include:

*Available for purchase only.

Not sure what you need?

Give us a call at PA Healthcare in San Diego, and we’ll help you determine the best products to fit your needs.  Better yet, we’ll deliver them to you – anywhere in San Diego!

One Comment on “Home Medical Equipment in San Diego | Rental and Purchase

Jorge McMillan
June 8, 2016 at 4:27 pm

I’m glad you brought up the point about being prepared for recovery because that is one part of my mom’s surgery that I haven’t thought about yet. She is undergoing some pretty intense surgery and I have no doubt that the recovery will be intense. It’s good to know that there are services out there that are able to provide the right equipment needed for that recovery and I hope that we can find some for her to use.


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