May 26, 2016

San Diego Mobility Aid: Hospital Bed & Wheelchair Rental

Mobility Aid for rent in San Diego

When it comes time to take care of an aging parent, the right medical equipment and assistive devices can make all the difference. Whether you are helping your father temporarily while he recovers from surgery or moving your mother into your home permanently, at PA Healthcare, we provide hospital bed rentals, and wheelchair rentals, which can help both you and your loved one through the transition and beyond. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll help meet them while you help meet the needs of your loved one.

Take a look below at some of the mobility aids and assistive devices we offer.

Hospital Bed Rental

A hospital bed allows your loved one to have all the benefits of a functioning medical bed in the comfort of home. The benefits for your loved one include: better positioning, improved circulation, and safety. Renting a hospital bed is helpful for you and other caregivers as well. The raising and lowering functions will help you elevate your parent for assistance with dressing or transferring from the bed to the wheelchair without as much physical strain from lifting.

PA Healthcare Offers Hospital Beds For Rental:

  • Semi-electric hospital bed

      The head and foot sections can be raised or lowered independently with one hand control. The motor unit is designed for quiet, smooth operation, and the bed is easy to assemble. Height can be adjusted manually.

  • Full electric hospital bed

      The head, foot, and bed height are adjustable by hand control. This full electric bed has an additional motor for effortless height control.

  • Heavy-duty hospital bed

     Although all our hospital beds are durable and sturdy, this heavy-duty steel frame can withstand up to 750 pounds.  It also provides an extra-large 48” sleep surface. Fully electric, this hospital bed uses a smooth, quiet motor to provide multiple bed positions.

Wheelchair Rental

Even if your loved on is able to move about on his or her own, renting a wheelchair can provide assistance for those days when energy levels are low. A wheelchair can also provide your aging parent with independence in the home or the ability to attend family outings without risk of exhaustion. Depending on your loved one’s level of mobility, we offer several different types of wheelchairs.

Here are a few of our wheelchairs available for rent:

  • Standard manual wheelchair

      This no-frills wheelchair is perfect for use in transporting your loved one from the car into the doctor’s office or from the house to the car.  It’s fairly lightweight and easy to use, though it does require effort to push and doesn’t have the comforts necessary for long-term sitting.

  • Heavy-duty wheelchair

      The sturdy carbon steel frame makes this chair both durable and lightweight. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. The chair provides extra-wide seat width, swing-away foot rests, and padded arm rests for comfort.

  • Portable power chair

     Light and transportable, this power chair provides a comfortable, full-sized, stadium-style seat.  It’s easily disassembled and can fit into the trunk of just about any car. This is the chair that will allow your aging mother to accompany the family on a day trip to Legoland – and maybe even hold a tired grandkid on her lap.

Need More Mobility Devices?

At PA Healthcare, it’s our mission to provide people in San Diego with the medical equipment needed for mobility assistance and recovery at home. So whether you’re looking for short-term wheelchair rental or long-term hospital bed rental, we’re here for you.  We also have walkers, power scooters, rollators, and patient lifts.  Most of our products are available for purchase as well as rental.

Give us a call. We have the at-home medical equipment you need, and we’ll deliver all over San Diego.

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