June 17, 2016

iWalk2.0 Hands Free Crutch for Maximum Mobility

iwalk hands free crutch

Everyone hates crutches. They hurt your hands, wrists, and underarms. Crutches make it difficult to get around (which kind of defeats the purpose of having them in the first place). Worst of all, while they give you some degree of mobility, crutches completely prevent you from using your hands. At that point, you might as well have your arms in casts, too!

If you’ve suffered a non-weight bearing injury, you now have an alternative to traditional crutches. The iWalk2.0 frees up your arms and hands so you can get back to the lifestyle you had before you got hurt. Tasks like walking the dog, playing with your kids, and cooking dinner are no longer a struggle. Plus, you don’t have to ask others to do things for you. The iWalk2.0 allows you to remain functional and independent as you recover from an injury or surgery, and that’s just the beginning.

Why choose the iWalk2.0 over traditional crutches?

The iWalk2.0 is a carefully engineered medical mobility device that eliminates the pain and inconvenience of traditional crutches. Here’s what we love about it:

  • It’s easy to assemble at home. This isn’t like putting a piece of cheap furniture together. There are no tools required, and it only takes a couple of minutes. After properly fitting the iWalk2.0 to your body, you’ll be up and moving in no time.
  • Hands free, pain free mobility. You don’t need to be on traditional crutches for more than five minutes to feel the toll on your wrists and underarms. The iWalk2.0 eliminates this pain by using your upper leg for stability and support.
  • It’s easy to use. If you could walk normally prior to your injury and take stairs without using the handrail, and if your uninjured leg is fully functional, it should take less than 20 minutes to get a hang of walking with the iWalk2.0.
  • It’s an affordable solution. The iWalk2.0 is affordable for nearly every budget at only $149. It’s manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials and comes with a 1-year warranty. Plus, at PA Healthcare, we’ll deliver it to anywhere in San Diego and Imperial Counties!

Is the iWalk2.0 right for me?

The iWalk2.0 works best for those who have suffered one of these common lower leg injuries:

  • Foot fracture

  • Sprained/broken ankle

  • Achilles tendon rupture/injury

  • Bunions

  • Tibia or fibula fracture

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Foot/ankle dislocation

  • Foot ulcer

  • Calf muscle injury

    The iWalk2.0 is also becoming popular as a daily living aid and transitory device for new below-the-knee amputees. Unlike using traditional crutches or a wheelchair, the iWalk2.0 allows amputees to maintain muscle strength and train in the use of a prosthetic leg.

    Unfortunately, the iWalk2.0 isn’t appropriate for everyone. Due to the pressure placed on the patella and femur, those with knee and upper leg injuries including ACL and MCL tears, knee injuries, hamstring tears and strains, groin injuries and IT band issues cannot use the iWalk2.0 safely.

Are you tired of dealing with the pain and inconvenience of traditional crutches?

You don’t have to suffer from wrist and underarm discomfort any longer. With the iWalk2.0, you’ll regain functionality and independence almost immediately. Call us today to learn more about this revolutionary, hands-free mobility device. Our customer service representatives will be happy to give you more information.

And don’t forget! We now offer home delivery anywhere in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

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