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Activities for Seniors

Fun Activities for Senior Citizens

After the thrill of retirement subsides, it’s not uncommon for seniors to wonder “now what?” Age might have limited many activities you used to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you’re resigned to boredom in your golden years. There are plenty of fun things seniors can do to keep their body, mind, and spirit healthy and […]

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TravelingTips for Disabled Vacationers in San Diego

Travel Tips and Resources for Disabled Adventurers

The Eiffel Tower at sunset. The Great Pyramids at dawn. The crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean at any time of the day or year. There’s a reason tourists flock to such grand destinations. It’s not just the photos and souvenirs they bring home, but the memories and stories they’ll share for a lifetime. Today, global […]

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Senior Nutrition Best Practices

Nutritional Guide For The Elderly

Healthy eating is important at every age, but quality nutrition is especially crucial in our senior years—metabolism and digestive systems slow, senses weaken, and daily medications can have unexpected effects on appetite. When seniors maintain a healthy diet, it can improve energy levels, resistance to illness, mental acuteness, and emotional stability. Still, ensuring your elderly […]

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