August 31, 2016

Fun Activities for Senior Citizens

Activities for Seniors

After the thrill of retirement subsides, it’s not uncommon for seniors to wonder “now what?” Age might have limited many activities you used to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you’re resigned to boredom in your golden years. There are plenty of fun things seniors can do to keep their body, mind, and spirit healthy and strong—and many of them are free!

Activities to strengthen senior bodies

  • Walking: Talking a walk with or without a walker or other assistive device improves circulation, and you can even jazz it up with a change of venue, like the mall or the beach, or by turning it into a game like bird watching or a scavenger hunt.
  • Swimming: A great low-impact exercise, swimming is great for seniors with arthritis. It also increases circulation, whether you’re taking a leisurely dip or swimming laps.
  • Dancing: Ballroom dancing isn’t too vigorous for most seniors, and many local community centers offer classes.
  • Making dough: It might sound suspect, but kneading dough is great for increasing hand strength and coordination. Try bread dough for a delicious homemade treat afterward, or sculpting dough to stimulate your creativity as well.

Activities to sharpen senior minds

  • Playing electronic games: There’s an endless selection of games available for computers, tablets, and smartphones, including puzzle and math games and old favorites like cards, checkers, tic-tac-toe, 20 questions, and trivia games.
  • Recording history: Using a voice recorder, tap into your life’s worth of memories to record your personal and family history as a gift to younger generations.
  • Journaling: Jot down your daily thoughts and musings in a journal, or check out a book at the local library about how to write memoirs. After all, it’s never too late to be a bestselling author.
  • Joining a book club: You don’t have to limit yourself to senior groups—literary discussions are most stimulating and interesting when club members come from all ages and backgrounds.
  • Taking a class: Community colleges, local recreation centers and adult learning centers offer interesting classes that range from academic subjects to arts and crafts.

Activities to uplift senior spirits

  • Visiting a shelter: Aside from being adopted, shelter pets love nothing more than visitors lavishing them with pets and rubs. As a bonus for you, being around animals has several proven health benefits.
  • Attending a play: Check out plays and concerts held at local high schools and community centers for low-cost live entertainment.
  • Tuning into the oldies: Whether it’s classic tunes on the radio or nostalgic TV shows and movies now available on DVD, entertainment favorites from “the good old days” can spark a rich walk down memory lane.
  • Making music: You don’t have to be a music prodigy to enjoy the benefits of fiddling around with simple musical instruments like recorders, harmonicas, lap harps, and thumb pianos.
  • Volunteering: There are so many charities and civic organizations in dire need of help, especially from seniors who have a lifetime of valuable experience to offer. Depending on your interests, check out opportunities at hospitals, libraries, museums, or local tourist attractions.

Need equipment to assist your activities? We can help

After figuring out which activities make you the happiest, you might benefit from the increased mobility that assistive medical equipment, such as walkers and wheelchairs, can provide. Or, maybe an at-home hospital bed will make it easier for you to sit up and play Angry Birds on your iPad. If so, we’ve got you covered! At PA Healthcare, we sell and rent at-home medical supplies and equipment. We also offer repair services for wheelchairs and scooters. Plus, we’ll deliver in San Diego and Imperial Counties. So call us today!

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