December 14, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for Wheelchair Users in San Diego

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Now is the time of year when people are making their lists and checking them twice. Though practical gifts aren’t always the most brightly colored or sparkly, they are often the ones that get the most mileage in the months following the holiday season.  If you need ideas for what to get your special someone this holiday season, here is a list of 10 practical gifts for wheelchair users.

10 Practical Gifts for Wheelchair Users

Wheeling gloves

Operating a manual wheelchair is no easy task. They are often heavy, hard to maneuver, and tough on the hands. Wheeling gloves will protect your loved one’s hands from blisters and calluses. They make a great stocking stuffer.

Wheelchair tray

Wheelchair trays attach to the side of the wheelchair and instantly provide a sturdy place for your loved one to read a magazine, write a letter (does anyone do that anymore?), or eat their holiday treats.

FreeWheel wheelchair attachment

This wheelchair attachment is a 12-inch bicycle wheel that connects to the footplate and lifts the castors off the ground. This turns the chair into a three-wheeler, making it easier to navigate obstacles. The added wheel also makes it much easier to roll over sand, dirt, grass, gravel, and snow. The FreeWheel gives your loved one more mobility and freedom, which are priceless for those confined to a chair.

Wheelchair bag

Anyone in a wheelchair who doesn’t already have a quality bag attached to the chair will appreciate one. They can use it to carry books, medication, a cell phone, or sweet treats. Wheelchair bags add another layer of independence for those with mobility limitations because everything they need is right within easy reach.

Ski lessons

If you live in a climate that allows for skiing, or will be vacationing to a place that allows for skiing, then adaptive ski lessons can be an adventurous gift to give. Many ski resorts offer adaptive ski programs; however, make sure you call in advance to schedule.

Scuba lessons

As long as your loved one can breathe on their own, scuba lessons are another great gift option for thrill seekers. The Handicapped Scuba Association has trained instructors right here in San Diego ready to take your loved one on an adventure.

Wheelchair cushion

Like the gloves, this gift is all about comfort. Improving comfort means improving everyday life for your loved one. At PA Healthcare, we offer a variety of wheelchair cushions.

A tablet

For those with limited movement or dexterity, having a tablet with voice recognition can be extremely useful and fun. Tablets on the market today have been designed to be incredibly accessible. They are simple to use and are easy to wrap!

Heat therapy shoulder wrap

Those who use a manual wheelchair often experience shoulder and neck pain. Heat therapy shoulder wraps provide relief and make everyday life in the chair more comfortable.

A new wheelchair

Getting a new wheelchair is like getting a new car (almost). At PA Healthcare, we sell a variety of wheelchairs, including lightweight, heavy-duty, power wheelchairs, and scooters.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season for all!

At PA Healthcare, we are committed to providing quality products and top-notch customer service. If you need help deciding what kind of mobility equipment will make the best gift for your loved one, we can help. Give us a call today.  

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