January 15, 2017

Best Wheelchair-Friendly Beaches in San Diego

Wheelchir-friendly Beach - PA Healthcare

If you are ready to hit the beach in San Diego, but feeling unsure of whether or not there is easy wheelchair access, PA Healthcare has done the research for you! So get your beach towels and sand toys together and get ready for a day of fun in the sun.

These are five of the most wheelchair-friendly beaches in San Diego:

Silver Strand State Beach

Located along the outer edge of the San Diego Bay, the Silver Strand State Beach is a popular choice for those wanting to hit the sand. Its unique location between the ocean and the bay means you are totally surrounded by water. It is also possible to get a wheelchair rental in San Diego down into this area.

Mission Beach

At the north end of Mission Bay Park, Mission Beach is a great location for enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach. It is easily accessible from the north side of town and takes you past several of the state’s most beautiful parks.

Imperial Beach

Hidden at the southernmost tip of San Diego Bay, the Imperial Pier is a great place to explore with transport chair rentals in San Diego. Minutes off of I-5, this is a very wheel-chair friendly area with plenty going on at all hours of the day and night.

Coronado Beach

Another beach located near the top of the San Diego Bay, Coronado Beach is great for wheelchairs and a day of exploring in the sun. This is the landing place for many tourists from all different walks of life and various parts of the country and globe!

Ocean Beach

Right at the mouth of the San Diego River, Ocean Beach offers a sprawling play area and a ton of space. It is a unique place to visit where you can look across to Mission Bay and see a variety of different land formations.

PA Healthcare

These are five of San Diego’s most popular beaches with wheelchair-friendly access and amenities. If you or a loved one are looking to visit one of these great beaches, PA Healthcare provides a variety of standard and motorized wheelchairs delivered anywhere in San Diego County. You can rent or buy the perfect wheelchair to get you around the beach and everywhere life takes you. Call today to find out more about available wheelchairs to meet your needs!

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July 19, 2018 at 5:28 pm

Coronado is our fav beach however my husband is wheelchair bound so it makes it hard to maneuver him into another chair. So is there a mat that can be place at that beach like imperial beach. So he can be closer to the water.


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