January 27, 2017

What are Diabetic Socks and How Do They Work?

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When it comes to managing their condition, diabetes sufferers have many options. One tool that many people don’t know about is the diabetic sock. What are diabetic socks? These special socks are designed in a number of ways to help diabetic people reduce diabetes complications.

Diabetic Socks Help Reduce Swelling and Circulation Issues

One issue faced by many people with diabetes is swelling of the feet. The condition typically causes swelling in the lower extremities due to damaged blood capillaries. The damage is caused by increased pressure in the feet, and although it typically can’t be reversed, it can be controlled.

This is one area where diabetic socks are ideal. They are usually non-elastic and seamless, minimizing any additional pressure on the feet. Without seams, they are less likely to trigger the nerve pain associated with more severe cases of the disorder.

Good Diabetic Socks Minimize Incidental Foot Injuries

It’s important that diabetes sufferers minimize injury. Impaired blood circulation contributes to reduced immune function in diabetics, so wounds last longer. Thus, most high-quality diabetic socks are padded to reduce friction. Even a small blister can turn into a serious problem!

In recent years, more diabetic socks have been made with advanced moisture wicking. Wicking helps to push sweat away from the feet and trap it within the sock. This reduces the odds of infection and is very important when pursuing an exercise program to manage diabetes.

When Should Diabetic Socks Be Used?

Good diabetic socks are now so common, they can be used at any stage of the condition. As soon as you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is a good idea to get a supply of diabetic socks. If they are used early on, they can contribute significantly to disease management and overall comfort.

For most people with diabetes, there is no reason not to switch to diabetic socks right away. In general, they support better circulation in the feet and legs, which is crucial to long-term health. The better your circulation is, the less likely a medical amputation ever will be necessary.

Questions About Diabetes? PA Healthcare Can Help You

The aftermath of being diagnosed with diabetes is a confusing and stressful time. You may have many questions, even after you’ve discussed your condition at length with your doctor. If you have questions about diabetic socks or other diabetes supplies, contact PA Healthcare of San Diego County.

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