February 16, 2017

Visiting Sea World in a Wheelchair

Sea World on a Wheelchair - PA Healthcare

Sea World San Diego is one of the most popular attractions in the area for people visiting from out of state. Sea World has been especially inclusive in the design of their parks, granting access to wheelchair-bound guests of all kinds. They have gone the extra mile to ensure all guests are able to enjoy the full range of shows and rides within their park to the best of their ability.

San Diego Sea World Theaters, Exhibits & Restaurants

All of the theaters, exhibits, restaurants and shops inside Sea World are wheelchair-accessible. In some cases, there may be an alternative entrance available that will be clearly marked. Park attendants are also stationed at the entrances and exits of all attractions to help guide you through the park efficiently.

Sea World Rides

If you wish to enjoy some of Sea World’s exciting water-themed rides, the good news is that you can. Sea World has created the Ride Accessibility Program to allow wheelchair-bound guests to enjoy the park without restrictions. When you enter the park, you can sign up for the RAP at the guest services desk.

As long as you meet the height and health guidelines for safely riding any attraction, you may speak to the park attendant at the entrance to the ride and put your name on the waiting list. They will give you a time to come back for your ride so you don’t have to wait in line with everyone else.

If you are being escorted by a family member or care taker, they will also be allowed to skip the line and participate in the ride with you. In some cases, you will be directed to the ride exit to gain access to the ride if the main entrance is not wheelchair-accessible. It is also important to note that oxygen tanks are not allowed on most rides for safety reasons.

Before you head down to Sea World to check out all of the great shows, you can make arrangements for wheelchair rentals in San Diego through PA Healthcare. We have both manual and battery-powered wheelchairs so you can explore the whole park without having to worry about walking for miles.

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