February 23, 2017

What to Look For When Renting a Knee Scooter in San Diego

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A knee scooter or knee walker is an assistive mobility device used by people recovering from surgery or experiencing a chronic condition that makes it difficult to walk. These scooters are much more stable than crutches. Plus, they provide space for an injured leg to rest without having to put weight on it.

Knee Walkers are the Best “Crutch Alternatives” You Can Ask For

If you are going to be in recovery for a few weeks or even months, a knee scooter is a much better option than a crutch. Crutches leave you sore, as so much weight is focused under your armpits. Plus, you are at a greater risk of slipping and falling.

A knee scooter is superior, but there are still some important questions to ask:

Does it Support Your Weight?

Knee scooters come in a variety of different sizes. One of the most common ones supports users of up to 300 pounds. Larger scooters generally provide more sophisticated braking and other options, and can support 400 pounds or more.

Are You Confident With the Controls?

Any assistive mobility device is going to take some getting used to. It’s important to find one with the right options for you. Manual hand brakes are common among these scooters, but height adjustment and other features can make them easier to use.

Does it Support Travel?

If you are going to be using your scooter for a while, you probably want one that’s easy to store and take from place to place. Many scooter models fold up so that you can transport them in a car, truck or van – even the larger models.

Is It Convenient?

One small feature that’s easy to overlook can make a knee scooter much more convenient: A front basket. This helps you carry everything you might need without having to worry about having anything in your hands while operating your scooter.

Do You Feel Comfortable and Supported?

It might seem obvious, but there’s one factor that shouldn’t be overlooked: Whether the scooter is actually comfortable! A seat might look comfortable, but feel awful after a few hours. Ideally, you should be able to trade in your rental scooter for a similar model fast if it doesn’t suit you.

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