March 1, 2017

How to Go on a San Diego Vacation with Limited Mobility

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For people living with limited mobility, the thought of planning a vacation is often dampened by anxiety over whether or not there will be suitable accommodations at their destination. Fortunately, growing awareness of disabilities has made it possible for more people to travel freely without fear of missing out. San Diego has become a very accessible city for those with limited mobility who wish to enjoy a full vacation experience.

Choosing Attractions

More and more companies are taking steps to proactively welcome people from all walks of life. As a result, most major attractions throughout San Diego, including theme parks and shopping centers, have websites where you can find specific information about their accessibility policies. Doing a little bit of research online ahead of time will help you narrow down your vacation to the places that will be most accessible and welcoming.

Reach Out to the Community

In a world where we are all connected by the touch of a button, it is easy to find communities of people who share your experience. You may be able to get detailed information from other people who have traveled through San Diego and navigated the area for themselves. They can give you tips for how to make it through the airport and what to expect throughout your trip. They may also be able to point you in the direction of hotels that are especially accessible.

Be Prepared

For most people, medical equipment is very personal. If you intend to bring your equipment with you, make sure you have packed backups in case of unexpected issues. Keep your essential items nearby to avoid losing anything in busy tourist areas. Make sure you have enough space available in your car for any extras you may need to take along.

Renting Medical Equipment

Whether you’re looking for wheelchair or walker rentals in San Diego, the good news is you have options. It may be easier to rent a walker or wheelchair in advance and have it delivered to your destination when you arrive so you don’t have to carry as much equipment with you. Medical equipment rentals are available throughout San Diego to get you through your vacation stress-free.

To learn more about rental options for your San Diego vacation, call PA Healthcare today.

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