April 10, 2017

Tips for Going on a Cruise with a Mobility Handicap

San Diego Cruise Accessibility Tips - PA Healthcare

Over the last few years, handicapped-accessible travel has become much more popular. Cruise lines have been at the forefront of this important new trend, which makes it easier than ever for people with mobility impairments to enjoy the international voyage of their dreams.

With the right forethought and planning, a cruise can be an amazing getaway for people with a wide range of special needs. If you’re thinking about setting out to sea, keep these tips in mind to make your journey that much easier.

 Choose a Cruise Line Known for Supporting Handicapped People

People with mobility issues have become an increasingly important and visible part of the travel market. Still, some cruise lines are more advanced than others when it comes to providing the right accommodations. There are plenty of cruise operators to choose from, so take time to select one that’s fully committed to your comfort.

Research Port Destinations to Find Out How Accessible They Are

U.S. law means that tourist accommodations throughout America are generally held to a very high accessibility standard. However, this isn’t the case everywhere. Each country is different, and even fundamental things like ramps and curb cut-outs could be unusual. Research each port of call in depth to find out how well it meets your needs.

Find Out Where to Rent Medical Equipment in Ports if Necessary

Cruise lines can often provide some mobility aids, such as light-duty wheelchairs. You might also find that it’s convenient to bring your most important devices with you. Still, you should find out about medical equipment rental options in the ports. If a mobility device is damaged or lost, you’ll want to be able to replace it promptly.

Bring an Able-Bodied Person with You for Additional Support

Nothing beats having someone with you who truly understands your needs. An attentive travel partner – whether a spouse, friend, sibling or caregiver – can help you gain greater confidence for your travels. Talk openly and honestly about your needs early on so proper boundaries are set and you can both enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Plan Your On-Board Activities Carefully

Modern ships are generally equipped with appropriate mobility accommodations. However, it’s very important to ensure you get a room that will meet your needs as well as possible.

Likewise, you can cut down on annoyances by planning out on-board activities mindfully. For example, reserve seats at shows and formal dinners that will be convenient for you.

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