May 15, 2017

7 Best Devices for Those with Limited Mobility

7 Best Devices for Those with Limited Mobility - PA Healthcare San Diego

For those living with limited mobility, everyday tasks can often seem challenging. In recent years, however, modern technology has made it possible to simplify many tasks, restoring independence to those with limited mobility.

Here are seven pieces of the best home medical equipment for getting things done around the house, both inside and out!

Cleaning Robots

Many people have heard of vacuum robots that meander around your home, keeping your carpets in good shape. What you may not realize is that there are similar robots made for mopping tile and hardwood floors as well.

Both the Roomba and the Braava have earned great reputations for keeping floors sparkling clean using electronic guides to keep them going without any extra work from you.

Mount n Mover

The Mount n Mover is a great way to attach touchscreen devices or other electronics to any wheelchair or transport chair for easy access without the fear of dropping them. Simply place your phone, tablet, laptop or even camera on the mount, and the convenient swing arm allows you to adjust it for comfort.

Amazon Echo

The gold standard in convenience today, Amazon Echo makes it possible to place phone calls, change the temperature of your home, listen to music and more – all through voice-activated commands. Automating your home with the Echo can make life more comfortable without having to make manual adjustments to stereos, thermostats and the like.

Patient Lifts

Patient lifts offer a safe way of raising or lowering any patient from a bed onto a chair or vice versa. They can even help get someone off the ground. Using hydraulics to perform the lifting action, this is a smooth, comfortable way to change positions. Patient lifts for home use are compact and easy to use with minimal training.

Bendable Utensils

Bendable Utensils make it easy for you to feed yourself whether you are dealing with arthritis or Parkinson’s. The utensils can be adjusted to fit your needs and re-adjusted over time. They are dishwasher-safe and come with comfort grips for easier handling.


Bed rails are an important part of staying safe when getting in and out of bed. Rails are also available for showers, toilets and other areas of the home so you can get up and down without fear of slipping or falling.

Shower Benches

Shower benches have become more advanced over the years, now including comfortable backs and slip-free seats, as well as armrests, to help you relax. Installing a shower sprayer with a long hose at seated height will make bathing even easier.

PA Healthcare

To learn more about patient lift rental and other limited-mobility devices in San Diego, contact PA Healthcare today. We are proud to also offer our customers a variety of rails, benches and lifts. Visit us in person to see what we can do for you!

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