June 23, 2017

Common Wheelchair Repairs You May Eventually Need

Most Common Wheelchair Repairs Needed - PA Healthcare

For millions of people around the world and here in San Diego, a wheelchair or mobility scooter is an essential part of maintaining independence. However, even the best wheelchair or scooter will sometimes need repair.

The most common repairs include:


No matter what kind of device you use, the wheels are the components most likely to wear out. Some wheelchairs are designed for rough outdoor use, but many should be kept to smooth paths.

It’s generally easy to notice when wheels are wearing out: Their surfaces become uneven and this can cause the wheelchair to have a jerky, “start and stop” motion. In most cases, simply replacing the wheels is a fast and easy solution that will add years to the chair’s life.


A motorized wheelchair or scooter is convenient because it allows the user to get around more quickly without having to worry about manual control. Electric motors can last for years with only occasional maintenance – but there are situations where they might get damaged.

Most electric motors come in for repairs thanks to a sudden jolt from a curb or exposure to deep water that can saturate the internal parts. Even brief immersion can cause the motor to come to a complete stop. The sooner repairs are done, the more effective they’ll be.

Although any motorized scooter will come with instructions for the motor’s care, it’s usually best not to touch the component directly. Instead, go to a repair service you can trust right away.


Another point of failure for the most sophisticated wheelchairs and scooters is the battery. Every battery, no matter its quality, will gradually lose the ability to hold a charge. Your user manual should provide information on how many charges the battery is designed to sustain.

As batteries are nearing time for replacement, it will take longer for them to charge and they will discharge more quickly. It’s simple to diagnose this, since it will mean you have a much lower maximum travel distance before you need to return to a charging port.

Scooter Repair That San Diego Trusts

Want San Diego scooter repair you can rely on? PA Healthcare offers wheelchair and scooter repair that’s fast, efficient and affordable. We make it easy and convenient for you with a helpful feature everyone loves: A wheelchair loan with one of our comfortable, secure, state-of-the-art wheelchairs you can use while we fix your ride. You can use it for a few hours, a day or much longer.

For fast repairs and wheelchair rentals you can’t beat, contact PA Healthcare today. Depending on your situation, we may be able to restore your chair to working order in just hours.

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