July 17, 2017

6 Shows to Experience at the La Jolla Playhouse – A Mobility-Friendly Venue

Mobility-Friendly La Jolla Playhouse - PA Healthcare

The La Jolla Playhouse is home to incredible performances year round for San Diego area residents to enjoy. Not only is it one of the most popular venues in the region thanks to its variety, it is also one of the most wheelchair- and scooter-friendly venues.

No matter what kind of entertainment you’re into, you should check out the La Jolla Playhouse schedule frequently to see what’s new. Perhaps you can even catch a show while your chair is being repaired.

What you can expect to find at this terrific venue:

‘Escape to Margaritaville’

A large-scale theater performance that is written around iconic Jimmy Buffett songs, this play is part love story and part upbeat musical that will have you dancing in your seat. The performance has been winning praise from critics for its appeal to people of all demographics. (Extended through July 9)

‘At The Old Place’

A story of forming friendships in the unlikeliest of places, this play explores what happens when two different worlds collide and a chance encounter turns into a life-changing bond. If you want an uplifting story about life and taking chances, this is the one for you. (July 5-30)

‘Kill Local’

A dark comedy featuring an assassin and revenge, there are plenty of suspense and laughs to be had. There is also a healthy dose of self discovery as the main character begins to think assassin work is not all it’s cracked up to be. (Aug. 1-27)

‘Wild Goose Dreams’

A timely tale of lovers from North and South Korea, this play takes you through the realities of living under an oppressive regime as well as the importance of unfailing love. More than just a love story, there is also plenty of humor in this story. (Sept. 5-Oct 1)

‘Summer: The Donna Summer Musical’

Another musical presentation based on iconic music, Donna Summer’s career is re-enacted with more than 20 of her hit songs and terrific choreography. The performance will take you back to the ’70s while telling the story of the woman who became the Queen of Disco. (Nov. 7-Dec. 10)

‘The Cake’

This modern play examines some of the issues facing the LGBT community. When the task of ordering a wedding cake ignites a full-scale political discourse, the characters are forced to reflect on the meaning of love, family and faith. (Feb. 6-March 4, 2018)

PA Healthcare

These are the productions that make up the 2017-2018 season at the La Jolla Playhouse. You will find ample accessible amenities and reserved wheelchair seats so you are guaranteed a great view of the stage. Contact PA Healthcare today to learn more about wheelchair and scooter rentals for your visit to the La Jolla Playhouse.

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