August 4, 2017

What to Do If Your Wheelchair Breaks In San Diego

What to do if Wheelchair Breaks in San Diego - PA Healthcare

Do you have a broken wheelchair in San Diego? Nobody likes dealing with a broken wheelchair, but you don’t have to worry. A few quick tips can help you save time and effort while getting your wheelchair back in action as quickly as possible.

To deal with a broken wheelchair in San Diego, try these steps to resolve the problem.

Swap Out Your Mobility Aid

First things first: Be sure you are safe and stable. Depending on your mobility needs, it’s always a good idea to have a secondary mobility aid like a cane or walker. Manual mobility aids can’t break down in the same ways and they serve as a handy backup.

Get Your Wheelchair to Safety

Like cars, wheelchairs break down wherever they want to and it’s never convenient. It’s important to make sure you can get your wheelchair safely out of the way of foot traffic. This will minimize damage and the possibility of accidents. Then you can focus on figuring out what’s wrong with it.

Diagnose the Problem

Some problems are very easy to diagnose at a glance. The wheels are the most likely origin point for a problem with most wheelchairs. Start by checking them for any sign of breakage. Dirt and debris can get stuck, stopping wheels from performing. If you use a battery, check the charge level.

Try Basic Cleaning and Maintenance

If there is an obvious obstruction keeping your wheelchair’s wheels from moving, you can remove it. Naturally, if your battery is running low, you may need to replace it. More complex problems, such as issues with a motor or control system, often can’t be fixed on site.

If You’re Not Comfortable, Don’t Do It!

If you don’t feel confident in a potential solution for your wheelchair woes, don’t do it. While many wheelchair owners can perform some basic repairs, there’s always the possibility of making things worse. Call a trusted repair service to ensure you get the help you need.

Expert Help with All Your Wheelchair Repair Needs

PA Healthcare is San Diego’s leader in wheelchair repair and wheelchair rental. If you need high quality, trustworthy service, you can count on our expert team.

We not only repair wheelchairs; but we help you meet your needs in the meantime. Our loaner wheelchairs and wheelchair rentals make things more convenient. We understand that when it comes to mobility, you can’t just wait around!

We strive to provide the fastest, most effective and most courteous repair service in the San Diego area. It’s simply faster and easier to bring your wheelchair to us than to try to work through repairs yourself or contact the wheelchair vendor. We accept Medicare, TRICARE and private insurance.

Don’t get stuck when your wheelchair breaks down in San Diego. To learn more about our repair services, contact us today.

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