August 18, 2017

How Do I Tell It Is Time to Repair or Replace an Old Wheelchair?

How Do I Tell It Is Time to Repair or Replace an Old Wheelchair? - PA Healthcare

A new wheelchair is a significant investment, so you should become familiar with a trusted local wheelchair repair service. You should also know when it’s time to replace a wheelchair rather than repair it.

Luckily for wheelchair owners, there are many common problems that can be resolved quickly with the right expertise. Maintained correctly, a wheelchair should typically last for three to five years. In some cases, it can be even longer.

Let’s look at some familiar wheelchair issues and what they mean:

When Your Old Wheelchair Needs Repair

Battery Running Out Quickly

When you use an electric wheelchair, the travel radius provided by one battery should be fairly consistent over time. If a battery seems to run down quickly, it could be a defect with just that battery. If it happens again, however, there may be an electrical system issue to fix.

Damage to Wheels

No matter whether your wheelchair is manual or electric, wheel damage is the most common issue that users face. If a wheel’s surface becomes grooved or otherwise irregular, it will pull to one side. You can replace wheels as they become damaged without needing a new chair.

Seat No Longer Comfortable

A wheelchair seat can become uncomfortable over time even if the rest of the chair is in sound working order. Many people respond to this problem by adding a cushion. However, it might be the case that a completely new seat will provide greater comfort in the long run.

When Your Old Wheelchair Needs Replacement

Significant Damage to Undercarriage

An electric wheelchair can short out if the underside is submerged in water, but that’s not the only situation where this kind of damage is serious. If the wheelchair falls from a height or suffers a collision, odds are it won’t be possible to realign the wheels properly even if they are replaced.

Controls are No Longer Responsive

If you are using an electric wheelchair with sophisticated controls, the integrity of the control system is crucial to operating the device. Controls are so central to most modern wheelchairs that when they start to respond sluggishly or “cut out” the whole chair should be replaced.

The User’s Needs Change Substantially

A wheelchair is chosen based on matching someone’s needs at a particular time in life. Those needs may change for a number of reasons. If you gain or lose weight or your mobility needs change, then you should review alternative wheelchair options even if your current chair is functional.

PA Healthcare Can Help You With Your Old Wheelchair

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