August 25, 2017

How Do I Choose a Wheelchair?

How Do I Choose a Wheelchair - PA Healthcare

Choosing a wheelchair is an important milestone in making sure your mobility needs are met. No matter whether you are recovering from injury or managing a chronic condition, selecting the right wheelchair will certainly help you with more convenience and independence.

At PA Healthcare, we’ve helped thousands of people throughout the San Diego area find the right mobility aid for their situation. Our experts will work with you to select a great wheelchair or other device. Before you even visit us, however, you can learn the basics.

Your Wheelchair Options at a Glance

The “right” wheelchair for you is a reflection of your needs at a particular time. If you are going to be using a chair long-term, you might find that you need to trade up now and then. The best thing you can do is compare several options and make an informed choice for right now.

Manual Wheelchair

With a manual wheelchair, you use your arms and upper body to provide the movement of the chair. This is a sound option if you have good upper body strength. It burns calories and can even contribute to muscle development, so it may be a good way to get some exercise. Manual chairs are durable and relatively simple in construction, so they last a long time with little maintenance.

Electric Wheelchair and Motorized Wheelchair Options

Electric wheelchairs are generally much easier to operate than manual ones. Through the use of a battery-powered motor, they do all the work as you get around. Motorized wheelchairs are ideal for indoor use. They can extend your potential travel range for quite a ways. However, it’s very important to keep them out of rough weather and wet terrain. They do require periodic maintenance.

Important Non-Wheelchair Options to Know About

There are various manual mobility options you can consider if you will not need a chair for a long period of time. The most basic, of course, is the classic cane. A cane adds stability and allows you to move more quickly and easily. Walkers are a good option for those who want to be able to rest periodically as they go about their daily activities.

Browse Wheelchairs for Sale from a Trusted San Diego Source

Mobility is a crucial element of healthcare in San Diego. At PA Healthcare, we offer the widest selection of wheelchairs for rent or sale. Our team is always available to help you make the right choice. Plus, we provide a wide range of convenient service options.

We can deliver your new wheelchair directly to you and even provide you with a high-quality “loaner wheelchair” while yours is being repaired. To find out more, contact us today.

4 Comments on “How Do I Choose a Wheelchair?

Finley Moreira
September 22, 2017 at 1:50 pm

My mother-in-law is looking for a good wheelchair in the next couple of weeks. I know she’s been interested in an electric one for the same benefit you mentioned of how they can extend travel range. She lives close to a grocery store, and I’m sure she’d like the benefit of using her electric wheelchair to get her grocery shopping done without using the car.

Ashley Maxwell
November 14, 2017 at 11:46 pm

Thanks for your comment about how you can use a wheelchair manually, on your own, or, you can get an electric one. I like how you said that manual ones allow you to develop muscles while sitting and using it. My husband and I are looking into wheelchair rentals near us for my grandmother who needs to develop some muscles and cannot walk.

Deb Pearl
March 16, 2018 at 5:52 pm

My dad has to get a wheelchair and he has been wondering what kind to get. Thank you for the information about all the different kinds of wheelchairs. I’m glad you mentioned that manual wheelchairs can help you get some exercise and helps you burn calories. I think my dad could use a manual wheelchair. We will have to see if he likes that idea.

Rosie Beckett
August 15, 2018 at 5:54 pm

My grandma recently got knee replacement surgery and she needs to find a quality wheelchair, so I am glad that I found this article. You make a great point that an electric wheelchair is typically much easier to operate than a manual wheelchair. Also, the fact that electric wheelchairs are ideal for indoor use is great because my grandma will be spending the majority of her recovery time inside.


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