August 30, 2017

Four Maintenance Tips for Wheelchairs

Four Maintenance Tips for Wheelchairs - PA Healthcare San Diego

Thousands of people in San Diego use wheelchairs daily. Wheelchair maintenance and repair are two topics any wheelchair owner in Southern California must know a bit about. Let’s look at some important ways to keep your wheelchair working as best as possible in the San Diego area.

Cleaning and Inspection

Keeping your wheelchair clean and dry will minimize discomfort and can keep the chair from succumbing to warping and other damage. You should take a few minutes at the end of every day to examine your wheelchair, giving it a thorough cleaning about once a month.

Paper towels and household cleaners are sufficient for most wheelchairs. Tires and casters can be cleaned with Armor All. When you’re cleaning up, also check for loose nuts, bolts and screws. A single loose screw can cause a dangerous fall.

Wheels and Tires

Most of today’s wheelchairs use pneumatic tires – those filled with air. This is because they are lighter and can roll with minimal resistance. To keep them working right, it’s important to make sure they are completely inflated. Check your tire pressure once a week for optimal performance.

Those using ultra-light wheelchair designs probably have spoke wheels. Spoke wheels don’t need quite as much maintenance as others, but they should be checked weekly for looseness. You can check to see if a spoke is loose by plucking it, similar to a guitar string.

Seat and Backrest

In the course of normal use, the backrest and chair upholstery is sure to get damaged. Minor damage on the seat can lead to discomfort later. While seats don’t need frequent replacement, you can add a cushion to enhance comfort. If you use adjustable-tension wheelchair upholstery, mark your straps so you notice right away if they slip out of place.


Wheelchair brakes work by clamping directly onto the wheels to halt movement. Brakes must be tightly secured to the frame to work correctly. Use your brakes whenever you sit into the chair or bend over to pick something up. If you notice lag in your brake performance, you should take the chair in for service right away. Mechanical failure of the brakes can happen suddenly.

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