September 24, 2017

The Basics of Semi- vs. Full-Electric Hospital Beds

No one enjoys being cooped up in a hospital, and being released to return home is something to celebrate. However, physicians are typically unwilling to send you home if you lack the equipment you need to complete your recovery. Hospital beds, both semi-electric and full-electric, have important features that can keep you safe and healthy in the comfort of your own home. Fortunately, there is no need to purchase one outright. You have a variety of options to rent a hospital bed at a cost that fits your budget.

Benefits of Having a Hospital Bed in Your Home

There are a number of reasons why a hospital bed can speed your recovery and simplify your care once you get home. The most popular feature is the ability to adjust your head and feet. This offers extra support for those suffering from back problems and can resolve issues with breathing. Raising your head makes it easier to pursue your favorite activities while you are bed-bound, from eating and reading to visiting with friends and family.

The side railings on a hospital bed are helpful in preventing you from falling off while you sleep, and they serve as grab bars when you get out of bed. This reduces your reliance on caretakers for basic tasks. The adjustable height is important for the same reasons. You can get in and out of bed more easily, and your caretakers are less likely to strain themselves with too much bending.

Finally, hospital beds are on wheels, which means you can put it in whichever room makes the most sense during your recovery period. You can also move it out of the way if you have visitors coming or you need to create space for additional medical equipment.

Choosing Between Semi- and Full-Electric Hospital Beds

When preparing to rent a hospital bed, you will face a variety of options. The more features you choose, the higher your rental cost will be. Begin by deciding whether you need a semi-electric or full-electric hospital bed. Once you have determined which makes the most sense for your situation, the other options are easier to sort through.

Both types of hospital beds offer motorized adjustment of the head and foot through the use of a hand control. Full-electric beds have the additional benefit of electric height adjustment. On semi-electric beds, adjustment is managed through a manual process. Consider your limitations when it comes to getting in and out of bed, as well as the amount of care you will require from your providers and loved ones. If you will be relatively mobile, without much need to raise and lower your bed, the semi-electric option may be best for you. If you expect to need considerable assistance, you may wish to invest in a full-electric bed with the option of motorized raising and lowering.

In your excitement to go home, you may feel that renting a hospital bed is unnecessary. After all, there is nothing like the comfort of your familiar mattress. However, you may recover faster and more safely by using a hospital bed. Don’t worry if you have bad memories of feeling uncomfortable on hard hospital bed mattresses – you can easily solve this problem. Add a pad made of egg crate foam, an air mattress or a sheepskin to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.


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