September 28, 2017

Tips for Bathroom Safety After Surgery

After having surgery, it is important for you to follow the suggestions from your healthcare team on how to prevent the risk of infection or re-opening your incision. Falling or slipping on wet areas in the bathroom are hazards that you must avoid at any time, but especially if you are going through postop recovery time. Learning what bathroom products will help keep you safe in this slippery area of your home is a wise idea for both you and your caregiver.

Better Stability at the Toilet
Many people are weak for a few weeks after undergoing a major surgery. The location of your incision also has a lot to do with whether you can sit or stand up easily without putting undue strain on your wound. A toilet seat riser cushion, or toilet safety rails are all handy equipment to have in your bathroom while recovering from surgery, or if you suffer from a disability. The height of this type of equipment enables you to sit down without assistance and straining your abdomen or other areas that have been compromised due to the surgery. Most importantly, the added height enables you to rise from the toilet seat surface without hurting yourself. The rails also give you a feeling of security if you are overly fatigued or have bouts of dizziness during your recovery. They allow you to hold onto something to provide added stability during the sitting or standing process.

Medical Equipment for the Bath or Shower
Many patients are instructed to avoid tub baths and only use the shower during their recovery time. This keeps the incision from becoming soaked and allows the bandages to stay dry until it is appropriate to remove them. Having a shower chair with handles or a stool allows you to sit in the shower without immersing your bandages. It also gives you a convenient spot to rest if you become tired from the exertion of taking a shower or become dizzy. The seat enables you to sit down while someone is washing your hair, or while you are washing your calves and feet. Having a handheld shower sprayer gives you even more control since you can direct the flow of water more easily. Another piece of equipment that is necessary for the tub is a nonslip shower mat. This enables you to move around safely in the tub or shower without fear of slipping on the wet surfaces.

Safety Equipment for the Walls
Once you are able to take a tub bath, it still may be difficult for you to lower yourself into the tub, and it could be even harder to get out of the tub. Having grab bars installed on the wall at a low height enables you to grab the bar and pull yourself out of the tub without worry of slipping on the wet surface of the tub. You can also install grab bars on the walls of the bathroom, hallway, or other places where there isn’t a convenient place to sit if you feel fatigued, weak or dizzy all of a sudden. If nothing else, the grab bars will enable you to lower yourself carefully to the floor until help can be summoned.
No one enjoys feeling helpless or weak after a surgery and most people usually can’t wait to return to their normal routines. Protecting yourself from further injuries caused by falling or slipping ensures that you can return to your normal as soon as possible. See our bathroom safety equipment.

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