hands free crutch

iWalk 2.0 Hands-Free Crutch

Remember when you were a kid, and you longed for a pair of crutches? At PA Healthcare, we’re inclined to put the yearning for casts, crutches, and all manner of medical novelties near the top of the list of things that separate adults from children. As an adult, even if you’ve never tried to drink […]

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wheelchair for rent in San Diego

Wheelchair Rental in San Diego

Ahh. San Diego.  It’s as gorgeous a city as they come, and the number of must-see attractions will fill up any visitor’s itinerary quickly.  For those with limited mobility, however, the thought of days spent traversing even just a portion of the city’s 372.4 square miles can be exhausting. But not to worry! At PA […]

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power wheelchair vs Mobility Scooters

Electric Wheelchairs vs. Mobility Scooters: What’s the Difference?

Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are both great options for those who need assistance getting around but would like to maintain their freedom and independence. Although electric wheelchairs and power scooters serve similar purposes, the two products are quite different from one another. The electric wheelchair looks and functions like a standard wheelchair, except that […]

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