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This reliable power scooter is smooth, comfortable and can easily get you where you need to go. The Buzzaround XL features a new LED battery gauge, and a new ultra bright LED angle-adjustable headlight for visibility. The larger, non-slip deck provides more foot room and legroom, and the well-padded stadium-style seat offers adjustable height.

The wraparound Delta Tiller allows people with limited hand dexterity to rest their wrists on the wraparound handle and steer with just one finger.

A 4-wheel power scooter may be a better choice for you than a 3-wheel power scooter if you prefer the weight distribution you get from a four-wheel scooter, and/or the scooter is primarily for outdoor use, over uneven terrain.

Even with 4 wheels, the Buzzaround XL Power Scooter has a great turning radius. It disassembles quickly and easily for transport.


• Max speed 4 mph

• Delta Tiller with Wraparound Handles

• Ultra Bright LED headlight standard

• Charging port below the control panel

• Disassembles quickly and easily for transport

• Larger, non-slip deck provides more foot room

• LED Battery Gauge

• Plush, 18” x 16” stadium-style seat

• Weight capacity up to 325 lbs


• Plush, 18” x 16” stadium-style seat

• Weight capacity up to 325 lbs.


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