Rollators and Knee Scooter Rentals

If your usual wheelchair or mobility scooter needs repair, it’s important to arrange an alternative solution. PA Healthcare makes it easy by providing rollator rental in San Diego you can count on. You can rent a knee scooter for a few days, weeks or even months.

We have a complete selection of rollators and other mobility aids to meet your needs no matter what kind of mobility challenges you face. Our team will be glad to help you make the right selection and will work with you no matter how long you expect to rent.

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Rollators are a specialized type of walker with wheels and brakes. If you have trouble walking, a rollator can offer you greater independence for both indoor and outdoor use. They adjust easily to a wide variety of heights and are very lightweight.

Those who are able to walk unassisted for short periods of time typically choose Rollators. Because they generally have greater mobility than some people, they are focused on keeping medical equipment light, easy to use and out of the way.

A rollator is a flexible solution that you can use for long periods at a stretch.

Some common questions include:

“How heavy is it?”

Light rollators usually range from 12-14 pounds. Heavy-duty rollators designed for extended outdoor use can be significantly heavier: 20 pounds is a typical benchmark. Heavier rollators are more durable, but may be more difficult for some people to use.

Steerable Knee Walkers

People who are recovering from some form of foot or knee surgery usually use a steerable knee walker. These patients deal with severely restricted range of motion that is expected to be temporary. Sprains, breaks and ulcers are other common conditions that may call for this device.

Some common questions include:

“Is a steerable knee walker right as a long-term solution?”

Steerable knee walkers have been used as a permanent mobility solution for people who have a single amputation of the lower extremities. However, most people prefer a wheelchair if they will have permanent, significant mobility needs.

“Can they be used outdoors?”

Steerable knee walkers are usually designed to be used outdoors for brief periods of mobility only.

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