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At PA Healthcare, not only do we offer a wide selection of wheelchairs and scooters for rent or purchase, but we’re also dedicated to keeping your mobility equipment in tip-top shape, whether you purchased it from us or elsewhere.

Here’s a list of services we offer:

San Diego On-Site Repairs

We don’t want you to worry about hauling in equipment in need of repairs or maintenance, so for your convenience, we’ll come to your home or assisted living facility and service your wheelchair or scooter on-site. Our repair services cover:

  • Tires and wheels
  • Motors and joystick controls
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Armrests and seats

Additionally, if your mobility device requires extensive repairs or there’s a delay due to ordering parts, we’ll provide you with similar equipment that you can use while we fix yours.

Regular Maintenance

Electric wheelchair/scooter motors and associated parts aren’t invincible, so from time to time they will need repairs. However, it’s much better to catch a small problem before it turns into a full-blown breakdown, so regular maintenance evaluations and tune-up services are crucial. Even non-electric wheelchairs have parts that are susceptible to malfunctions, so routine maintenance is important for your standard wheelchair, too.

Free Evaluations

If you’re not sure if your mobility equipment needs repairs, or if you have concerns about safety and maintenance, our trained, courteous, professional technicians will be happy to answer your questions during a free evaluation.


Yes, you can spot clean your wheelchair or scooter, but sometimes you’ll want a professional detail job. We’ll dust and clean the exposed parts; remove surface grime; and clean the tires of debris, small pebbles, and dirt. Our professional cleaning and detailing services will not only have your wheelchair or scooter looking great – but clearing dirt and grime out from the moving parts will also help prolong its lifespan!

Insurance Accepted

Most private insurance plans that cover the purchase of mobility equipment also cover repairs and maintenance, and we accept insurance from several providers as well as Medicare, TRICARE, and traditional payment methods.



For the best healthcare in San Diego, it’s important to make sure all of your mobility needs are met. PA Healthcare has been helping people all around the San Diego area with great wheelchair and scooter repair for years. If you are wondering how to fix your scooter, our experts are there.

Most Common Questions About San Diego Wheelchair & Scooter Repair Services

What is the warranty on my wheelchair?

Your warranty depends on where you originally purchased your chair and how long it has been since then. Many chairs do come with warranties covering parts and labor. Consult your owner manual and other original documentation. For wheelchairs purchased at PA Healthcare, our team will be able to help you make sure you get maximum benefit from your warranty.

Are parts and services covered by my insurance?

Medicare and other insurance can cover certain wheelchair-related parts and services. If you use Medicare as your primary insurance, you can get coverage for up to 80 percent of the cost of a qualifying device. Many vendors produce chairs that are compliant with Medicare standards.

For coverage under other insurance plans, contact your insurer directly.

What if insurance won’t cover all of the repairs and parts I need?

Sometimes, insurance may not cover the full cost of a needed mobility device. PA Healthcare will work with you to help you meet your mobility needs on your budget. We offer a wide range of wheelchairs, scooters and other selections. We can assist you by providing a quality loaner wheelchair during repair. We also provide a number of convenient payment options.

How long will it take to repair?

We strive to complete all repairs as quickly as possible so you can get back to your familiar wheelchair or scooter. Our technicians will give you a timeline and target date for your repair during consultation. Many repairs take only a few days, but some may take a week or two.

Are your technicians certified?

PA Healthcare employs only experienced and skilled repair technicians. Each one of our professionals has in-depth knowledge of the many different brands. They have undergone the highest quality of wheelchair repair and maintenance training available in the industry today.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We are happy to accept cash, check and major credit cards.

Can I use Medicare?

Yes! We accept Medicare, TRICARE and private insurance.

Where are you located?

Visit us for scooter repair in San Diego you’ll love.

Our store is located at:

PA Healthcare

7183 Navajo Rd. Suite A,

San Diego CA 92119

Need wheelchair or scooter repairs? Give us a call!

If you’re looking for the best repair service in San Diego, look no further. At PA Healthcare, it’s our mission to provide people in San Diego with the medical equipment needed for mobility assistance and recovery at home—and to ensure that equipment is in the best shape possible. So give us a call today.

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